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  • It is a more powerful Bactericide and Virucide than chlorine.
  • It is deodorizing, eliminates bad odours.
  • Ecological treatment: it does not leave residues.
  • It is safer: it is not necessary to buy or store dangerous chemicals.

The OZOAIR is a high-end industrial ozone generator using corona discharge technology, with a lifetime of nearly 20,000 hours.

Why use Ozone as a disinfectant?

The germicidal activity of ozone is based on its high capacity for direct oxidation: thanks to this quality, all the structures macromolecular cells, both microbial and non-microbial (moulds, bacteria, yeasts, viruses, etc.) are profoundly altered, decompose and disappear, leaving no residue; only oxygen. In conclusion, fast, complete and residue-free germicidal action. Another most significant properties of ozone is the elimination of all types of odours, both chemical and organic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes ozone as the most efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms.