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All of our work is carried out to current industry standards as many insurance companies now insist that grease extract systems and deep fat fryer’s are cleaned to industry standards as part of the warranty within the policy.

Standards for cleanliness form our benchmark, and their guide to good practice is a foundation model for our cleaning strategies. We fully understand that downtime in the business can cause a financial impact on your business; that is why we will work with you to establish a convenient time to carry out the necessary work.

Our Story

Like all family-run companies that started from the ground up, Lex Hygiene has its own story to tell.

Lex Hygiene formed on the 16th of October 2016 by managing director John Owens, an already accomplished business owner who had sold his previous companies. John wanted to move forward with a new business venture that had longevity with the long term dream of passing it on to his nearest and dearest; his daughter Lexi – the inspiration behind the name Lex Hygiene.

John’s aim for Lex Hygiene is simple: he wants the business to thrive alongside the many companies he supports.


Minimal downtime

Lex Hygiene can at a time convenient to all, arrange for deep cleaning to take place monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually. The service can take place when no actual cooking is taking place, and the kitchen is free, to avoid disruption to your business practices.

Pre and post photographs

We will provide you with pre and post photographs so you can see the unbelievable difference once our skilled team have completed their work. This is something our customers value our service.

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is issued when the work is complete, keeping you compliant.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service is second to none. We care about our customers journey from the initial point of contact right through to the aftercare. Our advisors are knowledgable in their approach and are happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.