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Stage 1 Deep cleaning

In suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, Lex Hygiene have been carrying out deep cleaning services to ensure our client’s offices are clean and safer. Our in-depth cleaning process for decontamination involves a deep clean of all the regularly touched surfaces in your premises, remove visible dust, clean surfaces including computers, phones, headsets, chairs, desks, cupboards etc. Hoover the carpets, preparing the area to use the fogging machines or Ozone machines


Stage 2 Fogging the area

Fogging is by far the quickest and most effective way to sanitise and cause the least amount of disruption. Our FogAir machines use the latest technology, for the highest level of decontamination. Our Lex Chem BSEN1276 approved solution is ideal for all sites.


Stage 3 Wipe down the area

All surfaces are wiped to remove the harmless liquid droplets that may have condensed during the fogging process.